• Book of the Dead

    Book of the Dead

    Book of the DeadAbove is a picture of an almost entirely complete Book of the Dead found in the Museum of Egyptian history in Turin Italy. This holy text was written for the deceased to bring with them on their journey into the underworld to give them magical spells and instruction to enter the realm of the gods. The process of mummification was taken very seriously by the priests and people of Egypt at the time. In the early years the spells and instructions would be written on the tombs and sarcophagus’ of the dead. It was not until much later that priests began writing books and burying them with the deceased to carry with them. Each book takes a considerable amount of time to write and individuals would commission their creation in the later years of their life, or if they fell ill. In the later years priests began charging large amounts of money for the books to be written, this alienated the lower classes from being able to attain a book.