Fall Band Concert featuring The FSU Symphony Band (Free Concert)

Thursday, November 7th

8:00 p.m.

Williams Auditorium

Connection to “Mythologies” Project:  Native American Mythology (Chippewa)

The musical selection: “The Fairy Ring” from Two Native Dances, by Max Williams

Fall Orchestra Concert


The FSU West Central Chamber Orchestra (Free Concert)

Sunday, November 17, 4:00 p.m. Williams Auditorium

Connection to “Mythologies” Project:  Greek Mythology

The musical selection:  The Idylls of Pegasus, by Richard Meyer


BEYOND: Mythologies will be presented in the corridor of the Interdisciplinary Resource Center at Ferris State University on October 20th. Guests will travel from creation myths, through thought-provoking global perspectives, shine with the sun gods, forge through the great floods of the world, unravel the lost cities and dive into some the universe’s great sagas

5-star credit will be given for guided tours from 11am-1pm

The event will be open to the general public from 2pm-6pm

For other BEYOND events please check back.